Urban Trail

A series from 2007 that unfortunately I lost the original photos of and some I didn’t even get to photograph at the time. So I scanned in an old article from back in 2009 that I luckily had and salvaged some of them here.

These were from a series that came from living in Limerick city around the time when the Celtic tiger was in full swing. Being from the country, I was overwhelmed by the concrete surroundings and amount of cranes in a time of the construction boom. I commuted to the place I worked at the time outside the city and I became visually aware and interested in my everyday surroundings, in particular driving through the city especially in the evening bumper to bumper traffic.

The windows of the buildings on the winter evenings lit so warmly like small squares that shed many shades of warmth against the deepest blue sky in the background. I was interested in how the ambient street light pollution made the night sky shed so many different blue shades.

I became preoccupied by how old buildings were replaced by new ones and it resonated with me, how the cycle of existence constantly moves on. My work became an exploration of time and how it affected the landscape reflecting our own existence. How small we really are in the larger scale of things in the Universe and beyond.