My paintings evolve from the surrounding landscape in which I live and frequently explore. As much as I need to paint, I need to be surrounded by nature too. When out walking I love sketching in the open landscape because it puts me right into the space where all senses are awakened. The resembling sound of the sea occurs high up in the hills but also deep in a forest of swaying trees on a windy day.

Immersing myself in nature is a place where I am able to contemplate regular daily encounters. I often have vivid dreams at night which can often affect the mood of my whole day. The aftermath of dreams are that of curiosity and I find myself trying to figure out where they come from. In a way dreams are another way to reason out daily encounters like a subconscious probe into one’s self. Whether recalling whats in a dream or being out in the open landscape, certain words or phrases come to mind and often become part of the painting or the working title.

I take my sketchbook most days and make quick sketches depending on what catches my eye. When making these drawings I abstract what I see using charcoal and pencil. Later in the studio I reference my sketches and start a painting by mark-making and drawing in charcoal directly on the canvas. The drawing can often disappear as I paint over it but that does not bother me. When the paint is layered on, I take it up again in the parts where I want the under drawing revealed.

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