The Dream Within The Dream

As part of my current solo exhibition at The Easter Snow Gallery at Seamus Ennis Arts, here is ‘The Dream Within The Dream.

In response to a vivid dream I had one night where I thought I had woken up
but then became aware within the dream that I was dreaming. Then I realised
when I did in fact wake up that morning, that I had dreamed I was dreaming. Its
very hard to put into words what a dream was to be honest.

I have recurring dreams all the time. Not so much the same dream, but more
the same environment or place, they are usually attic rooms entering into more
attic rooms and stairs in each leading from one to the next. Others are bright
blinding bleached out sun skies over turquoise blues and greens of ‘sea pools’
amongst infinite sand dunes. Then there’s the falling airplanes followed by
crowds of people walking out of them in a single file into a high grass field..
There are so many more..The distant stairs leading to a theatre stage, the old wallpapered dusty room filled with antiques, trinket’s and dolls, the house in the center of a tall yellow grass field surrounded by tall pine tree forests and the ones
where I fly and hover over things that frighten me..

The Dream Within The Dream

Exhibition continues at Seamus Ennis Art Centre, Naul, Co. Dublin, all are welcome. Link to exhibition and whats on the gallery walls, here:

Published by Derval Freeman

Graduate of Limerick School of Art and Design 1996 Fine art painter and photographer

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