After my solo exhibition in August 2021, I took a short break from the studio with the idea of coming back with fresh new ideas. It was easier said than done but I think I am back on the right path and ready to move on. I am constantly trying to push my work and challenge myself to seeing what direction it takes me in. I don’t like to paint the same way or stuff all the time.

I’m keeping a promise to myself after my last series, to go back to a looser and less refined process in new work heading into 2022. Especially after the past two years with on and off lockdowns and restrictions. I think the past twentythree months have taken its toll on the most of us and in many different ways.

I am currently working on some experimental works in acrylics, because I paint in oils most of the time. It is very interesting how oils and acrylics are like two entirely different planets and I am excited to see what happens working in acrylics a bit more. I love using oils and cold wax and I want to see how this experimental series attributes to my process moving onwards.

Studio Wall

So this is what I’ve been up to in the studio the past few weeks. For pure abstraction reasons, without thought or plan and mixing colours straight on the surface as I watch them take on their own character which is very interesting. I want to be more free and expressive while trying to work with as little control as possible. I am letting the paint go where it wants to and picking colours as they come to me.

These are three new works on fabriano paper with the first two in acrylic and the third in oils.

Published by Derval Freeman

Graduate of Limerick School of Art and Design 1996 Fine art painter and photographer

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