Beyond the Bleak

In response to poem ‘Celtic Warrior’ by Maria Noonan McDermott.

Once again I had a blast responding to this week’s Enlighten piece. This time it was the words in the poem, ‘Celtic Warrior’ by Maria Noonan McDermott and . My inspiration was from her words in specific here below.

‘..a landscape ever changing, filled with promise. Light filaments of gold…over the bleak lines of the horizon..’

I really empathised with those words and it’s what I am thriving to bring to my paintings all the time especially in the past few months. A landscape ever changing, a world that follows, the cinders that burn within, bring light and colour to my every day. Without light, there is no colour.. and that colour lies beyond the bleak, where we rise undefeated above the shadows.. 

‘Beyond the Bleak’ and detail of the work.

I am all about light and colour this past year with everything happening in the world of lock downs and for one, I am missing family especially my son who is living in Berlin. To keep my head above water and to keep positive, it is in my art where I find real solace and the spark that keeps the flame burning within. By creating an environment of bright pure ‘candy colour’, I look forward to being in my studio every day.

‘Beyond the Bleak’, Oil on Canvas, 40cm x 30cm

Published by Derval Freeman

Graduate of Limerick School of Art and Design 1996 Fine art painter and photographer

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