A Brief Fix

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a night sky of stars and today I planned to head out and try capture them seen as it was a beautifully clear day today, despite the rising winds. As I made a dash for it earlier tonight when they came out, a mist started and I saw the clouds were coming over the sky. I got up to Sugar Loaf very fast because it is only 5mins up the road from me by car. When I got out of the car the door almost blew off the hinges. I was determined to capture something though, even if it meant the shortest stargaze and photo captures ever.

I had to hold down my tripod as the wind almost took both it and myself up and away. It felt like I was in a scene from The Wizard of Oz where Dorthy’s house took off into the tornado’s funnel.

Anyhow, here are some captures to keep me going and the plough, and big peachy Mars can be seen and I think Orion showed up too. Until next time, I hope you enjoy them!

Published by Derval Freeman

Graduate of Limerick School of Art and Design 1996 Fine art painter and photographer

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