After The Rain : : Process Video

This is a small part of how a painting I painted 2019 came about. It was mostly on my phone so apologies for the low quality in parts. I have recordings of other recent work in progress from my camera that I will be putting together soon.

Here is my painting, ‘After the Rain’, 40cm x 40cm x 4cm on extra fine canvas (my favorite surface to work on right now), it is painted in oils and cold wax. I make myself my own cold wax medium from unbleached bees wax and turpentine. I prefer to make my own as part of the process and I like to make different batches from time to time, according to my needs and preferences.

I am happy to say that I have also donated this painting recently to a silent auction online where all proceeds go to a wonderful charity, Friends of the Coombe. Bidding is currently live at the InsideOutHomeshow if you are interested in owning this painting while also helping the great cause.

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