Observer – Creator.. the Same

I am the observer, less the creator..

This is where my painting is taking me right now.. It may look like an entirely different artist’s work but if you really look at it, it’s not.. I’m letting go of order and expectation. That being entirely from my own expectation and criticism within my own institution..

Abstraction is very hard but it’s also very freeing. It requires trust and inner connection, but to let go of question and fear..

I find myself painting over abandoned paintings lately and it comes with no hesitation when I’m returning to it.. Even the harshest of endings..


Published by Derval Freeman

Graduate of Limerick School of Art and Design 1996 Fine art painter and photographer

3 thoughts on “Observer – Creator.. the Same

  1. I am an abstract painter and my first lessons were with Michael Gammel he was so kind and gentle as I was way out if my comfort zone being in an art class as had not done advance my junior very. But my love for painting began with Abstract and I find it the most joyous thing to just paint freely with abandon
    depending on the music I play . Cora Murphy was my next and current teacher šŸ˜€

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    1. Hi Ann, thanks for coming onto my website. Michaelā€™s work is really amazing, I have loved his work for many years. I was very lucky to have him as guest speaker for my last exhibition.


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