Work IV

Inspired by Nature and Forests

I walk here almost every day as I am very drawn to the Djouce woods in Wicklow. In all types of weather, I absorb and observe its ever changing light, colour and atmosphere. I am drawn too to fragility within the woods, how nature’s forces can knock trees down leaving only small stumps behind. Where once stood these monumental-like tall trees, I wonder about the possibilities of past endless conversations that there may have been amongst them.

I love the evening light most and looking out across the valley through the trees towards the mountains beyond, there is often a glimpse of warming skies as the mountain dew begins to slowly descend. Breathtaking.. I collect pine needles from the forest bed to incorporate onto my canvas. I also use sand and beeswax to create layers of texture. There is a lot of layering involved and it begins with thin glazes and washes that start to create the atmosphere. Creating the atmosphere is very important to me. Then I add layers to create composition and from there the painting becomes recognizable.