‘Entering the Dream’

I am drawn to nature, forests and the open landscape where I head out exploring almost every day I can. In all types of weather, I observe ever changing light, colour and atmosphere. I am drawn to nature’s fragility and how the environment forces it’s constant renewal. I see small tree stumps that stand in contrast to tall trees and vibrant new foliage that surround them. The wind warped, eroded branches and broken trees recall a life that was.

Sometimes my childhood imagination would re-awaken wonders of tall monumental trees and the possibility that they could be communicating with each other. Looking down at me, could they see me? Were they talking about me? Or was I just interrupting? As a child I found forests a place of magical wonder. On family outings I remember always favoring walks in the forests and through the fields, over trips to the beach on warm sunny days. My father would take my brothers, my sister and I all out on long walks exploring for hours around the places where we grew up in Co. Tipperary. This must be where I developed my love and appreciation for nature and I always think of those days.

Throughout the day it’s the evening light that I love the most and looking out across the valley through the trees towards the mountains beyond, there is often a glimpse of warming skies as mountain dew slowly beginning to descend. Its breathtaking.

I collected pine needles and leaves from the forest and incorporated them into the work back at the studio. I also used sand and beeswax to create layers of texture. There is a lot of layering involved sometimes beginning with thin glazes and more layering is applied.

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