Here are my paintings from throughout the years. I am constantly looking to new things within my art and I have painted a lot of different series based on what ever I may be interested in at the time or on the mood and emotions I wanted to express from time to time.


Currently I am working on a whole new level of abstraction. My new paintings are my direct response to my surroundings and I paint the landscape how I see it.


Work five continues to celebrate my passion for forestry and being surrounded by nature. I wanted to push abstraction more with these and to be more expressive with colour, light and atmosphere.

'Tree Circles', Oil, Cold wax on Canvas, 65x64cm
Work 5


Work four was a celebration of life and I was drawn to fragility in nature that reflected our own mortality and the chance of life that was by chance, us who came into existence.

Work 4


Work three drove me in a new direction where I explored my art and drawing more from nature again.

Current Work
Work 3


Work two, took me into my own deep personal darkness. Who was I in the world and the many mixed thoughts and feelings I had about my adoption and origins. Finding my natural birth mother and exploring my own motherhood and what it was to belong to something and someone were all heavily visited in this series of paintings. Mortality, existence and the significance of it all, became my preoccupation at the time.

Work II
Work 2


Work one came from a discovery of my passion for nature and landscape painting.

Work I
Work 1

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