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‘Lush’ 120x90cm, Oil on Canvas

This is one of my larger scale paintings. It had being laying around my studio for years not knowing what to do with it and so it was just abandoned. Since I went back to abstraction in the past few months, I have been pushing abstraction back into my work in a more exploitative and expressive way. This is where it took me, I just let go not thinking too hard about what I where it was going. Here are 2 time lapse videos I made of its progress which you can see here in part 1 – https://youtu.be/cxW0CToXA04 and here in part 2 – https://youtu.be/8gZpLQqE3xA


‘The Sheep Farmer’ 70 x 70cm, Oil on Canvas

Here is a little story behind this original painting : : When out sketching in the open landscape today I met a sheep farmer who was walking up the hill towards where I was stood doing some sketches. He stopped to ask what I was painting and I told him I was just doing some abstracted sketches of what I’m seeing. He wondered if there was a market for that and the conversation went on to his days in school and how he hated it.. I responded with the same feeling and said how I loved the art class though. He was out walking up the hills looking for his sheep and asked if I’d seen any on my trail. That’s was it really..Its the small things..


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‘One Colour’ 30x30cm, Oil on Canvas

This art work is painted on a deep edge canvas with white gesso painted sides all around. It comes framed in limed wood and ready to hang.


‘Little Pink’, 20x20cm Oil on Canvas

This little painting is a result of my wonders around the open mountain near Djouce in Co. Wicklow. Sitting on a rock wall, I look across the plane and sketch the shapes between spaces. The open landscape is divided up by many elements. The painting comes framed in limed wood and ready to hang.


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‘Shimmer’, 50 x 60cm, Oil and Plaster on Canvas

This painting has was painted on canvas with plaster to give a textured surface. I used oils mixed with cold wax.


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