Group Exhibition – March 29th

Wicklow Artists a Gathering – Spring Exhibition March 29th – April 7th


Trying some inks on cotton rag paper. It will be on exhibit in a group show I am delighted to be part of. ‘Wicklow Artists’, March 29th at La Touché Place, Greystones, Co.Wicklow

Painting Process

I am currently working on this painting and this was an early stage where it was a few months ago. I felt at the time that it could be finished at that early stage and I didn’t want to do much more with it. I put it aside for a few weeks, which is whatContinue reading “Painting Process”

Paul Gauguin : : An Essay

This is an essay I wrote while doing an evening course at the University of Limerick 2007 studying the history of art and design. It was 10 years after graduating Limerick School of Art and Design and at that time I was only interested in painting and learning all its fundamentals. Over the years afterContinue reading “Paul Gauguin : : An Essay”