Before the Water Falls

Some thoughts for my next work. 

I stood at the brow of the waterfall over powerscourt that day, looking at Djouce Woods and taking it in within its own environment. 

That was the ground down there that I picked up most of the pine needles which are incorporated into my recent paintings. With the Sugar Loaf in the distance beyond and my lungs filled with the fresh forest Spring air.. I feel luckiest. I feel free. I will re-live this when I paint it..

Pine Shadows

Perhaps the title is decided for this next piece. A work in progress- I just painted another layer onto the painting, playing with tree poses and silhouettes. 

Recalling the dark sky descending onto the treetops where the clouds met the forest fog, from my viewpoint inside the woods with wet socks and warm feet, I just observe..

New Irish Art

I’ve recently been added to a great online Irish artist community New Irish Art

Have a peek!

Derval Freeman - New Irish Art
The work of Derval Freeman can also be viewed on the New Irish Art website , very reputable non-profit platform showcasing the new work from emerging artists all over Ireland.


Curious About..

My painting ‘Washed Out Season‘ has been featured in the current issue of Dublin InQuirer webzine.



Sections of detail from a work in progress. All my new work is inspired by my walks and explorations of the Wicklow mountains and forests.