What Survives

A large scale work in progress.. It’s a question of what survives and what must give in.

A Way to Equilibrium

Finding balance in every way is relevant to how we live and exist.


My first of 2020 and part of a small works project I am working on.

‘Dawn’, Oil, Coldwax on Canvas, 15cm x 15cm


‘Red’, Oil on canvas, 30cm x 30cm

Study for ‘Red’, Charcoal on Paper


For all who have loved and lost, bereavement floats on strange waters..

J-19, Oil on Canvas, 50cm x 70vm

After the Rain

After the Rain, Oil and Beeswax on Canvas, 40cm x 40cm

To the Moon and Back

‘To the Moon and Back’,
Oil and beeswax on canvas,
30cm x 30cm